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CamLabs – U Lock Bike Lock with Anti Theft Cable, Multi Bike Tool Set & Bike Bell

bike lock 1 bike lock 2

  • ✅ HEAVY DUTY PROTECTION – Protect your bike from even the most determined would be thieves with this heavy duty steel 16mm U lock bike key lock. The double loop steel cable tether gives you enough space to quickly attach and lock your bicycle to a variety of bike rails, poles and other urban surfaces.
  • ✅ SIMPLE TO USE – Just because these locks are incredibly hard to break doesn’t mean they aren’t easy for you to quickly open and close. We include 3 laser cut keys that fit into the precision machined locking mechanism for a quick release. Key locks are safer and sturdier than combination locks.
  • ✅ UNIVERSAL BIKE DESIGN – This U lock fits 99% of bicycle designs including mountain bikes, beach cruisers, fixed gear, BMX, fat tire bikes and more. The steel cable measures 4 feet long to ensure a proper fit on almost any bike model. These locks make a great gift for new bike owners of all ages.
  • ✅ BIKE TOOL & BIKE BELL INCLUDED – Each lock includes a biking tool for quick bike repairs and adjustments. We also include a convenient all black bike bell with an elastic attachment for instant installation on any bicycle.
  • ✅ WARRANTY AND SERVICE – Enjoy keeping your bicycle, electric scooter, or motorcycle secure and safe.

Unrivaled Protection

Do you want a bike lock that can withstand cable cutters and lock picks?

Would you prefer the ease and convenience of a key lock design over a cumbersome combo lock?

Combination locks are unsafe compared to key locks and take much longer to open.

CamLabs premium U lock bike lock set features a 4 foot long cable that lets you attach your lock quickly and easily to any style bicycle. It even works with motorcycles, baby strollers, scooters and folding bikes.

Full Kit Includes:

  • 1 U Lock Bicycle Lock with Double Hoop Tethering Cable
  • 3 Laser Cut Keys
  • 1 Bike Mechanic Multi Tool & Wrench Set
  • 1 Matte Black Bike Bell

Expertly Packaged for Easy Gifting

Our kit contains everything a new bike owner needs to secure their property, prevent accidents and ride safely.

We use premium box packaging so you can gift a bicyclist or new bike rider a complete starter security and safety kit.

Stay safe while riding and weaving through car traffic or pedestrian traffic.

Mounting Feature

No need for a bag or backpack! This bike lock quickly mounts to the frame of your bicycle while you’re riding. A single button release let’s you quickly prep the lock for fast and convenient security.

Professional Grade Lock

Comparable quality the biggest brand name locks…that’s why the pros choose us.

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CamLabs Microscope for Kids & Students – Great for Science Experiments with Complete Specimen Slides & Accessories

microscope for kids 4microscope for kids 7

  • ✅ ACADEMIC QUALITY KIT – Your kids can perform real STEM science experiments with our professional grade compound microscope set. The kit includes 25 prepared slides, plus all the tools your child needs to create their own specimen slides including: blank slides, cover slips and slide labels.
  • ✅ INTERCHANGEABLE EYEPIECES – Our premium kit has 2 interchangeable eye lenses. A 10x zoom and a 16x zoom lens. That means you get twice the zoom options compared to other microscopes: 40x, 64x, 100x, 160x, 400x and an incredible 640x. Use the lens cleaning paper for crystal clear views every time.
  • ✅ PORTABLE OR DESKTOP FUN – We offer a dual powered microscope that works with both batteries (included) and an electric power plug. Your children can do cordless field work and check out samples on the go or plug the microscope in at their desk to analyze and study without wasting battery life.
  • ✅ LOTS OF SPECIMENS – We include 25 high quality scientific specimen slides for your child to investigate for hours of fun. They’ll be able to see the microscopic details of prepared biological specimens that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to see outside of an academic research setting.
  • ✅ THE GIFT OF LEARNING & FUN – With this beginner kit you aren’t just gifting a child something they can play with for years…you’re exposing them to educational STEM principles that will help them in school and beyond!

A BIG Kit of Microscopic Fun

Would the special child in your life love exploring and discovery the hidden world of microscopic specimens?

Do believe that kids should have access to high quality scientifically sound equipment for their own experiments and fun?

CamLabs premium microscope kit includes everything your child needs to start making thrilling observations of the world around them.

Full Kit Contents:

  • 1 High Quality Microscope
  • 1 WF 10X Eyepiece Lens
  • 1 WF 16X Eyepiece Lens
  • 25 Prepared Slides
  • Electric Power Plug
  • 5 Blank Slides
  • 5 Cover Slips
  • 1 Pack of Slide Labels
  • 1 Pack of Lens Cleaning Paper
  • 1 Forceps
  • 1 Plastic Test Tube
  • 1 Plastic Petri Dish
  • 1 Wooden Pick
  • 1 Cotton Swab
  • 1 Straight Dissecting Needle
  • 1 Bottle of Red Stain
  • 1 Bottle of Blue Stain
  • 1 Dropper

Life Long Learning

Kids exposed to educational concepts at an early age do better in school, college and in the workforce.

The best part about our microscope set is your kids will be too busy having fun to realize they’re learning value STEM skills and the foundational concepts of the scientific method on a real authentic microscope.

Fantastic Gift

Our microscope has a variety of zoom levels from 10x all the way up to 640x! That’s 1.6 times more powerful than the next leading student microscope!

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CamLabs – STEM Learning Toy Construction Blocks Set for Boys & Girls Ages 3-7 | 108 Piece Engineering Construction Building Kit with 120 Page Instructions

STEM Learning Toy Construction Blocks Set for Boys & Girls Ages 3-7 - B07J581YV9-1 STEM Learning Toy Construction Blocks Set for Boys & Girls Ages 3-7 - B07J581YV9-5

  • ✅ HOURS OF EDUCATIONAL FUN – Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) toys challenge kids of all ages in a fun and engaging way that encourages problem solving and critical thinking. This 108 piece building set lets kid’s customize and create amazing creations of all shapes and sizes.
  • ✅ ENCOURAGE TEAMWORK & ORGANIZATION – Unlike most sets, we’ve included 2 child safe wrenches so that children can play with siblings, cousins and friends to learn teamwork, sharing and collaboration. Everything comes in a sturdy plastic container so you can teach kids to clean up and stay organized!
  • ✅ INSTRUCTION EBOOK INCLUDED – Your kids will love searching through their image driven 120 page instruction eBook that teaches them to make all types of toy block creations like vehicles, robots and other fun gadgets! Best of all their creations can roll and move mechanically for imaginative play time.
  • ✅ SAFE CHILD SIZE PARTS – All parts are BPA free and are tested to be safe and non toxic. The individual construction blocks and components are safe for children 3+. They’re large enough to help teach fine hand motor skills, while still allowing for practical engineering and elaborate construction pieces.
  • ✅ THE GIFT OF LEARNING & FUN – With this kit you aren’t just gifting a child something they can play with for years…you’re exposing them to educational STEM principles that will help them in school and beyond.

Endless Possibilities

Are you searching for the perfect gift for that special little boy or girl in your life?

Do you value balancing imagination, education, creativity, motor skills and tons of interactive fun?

CamLabs STEM toy construction set contains 108 individual premium quality child safe pieces and a full 120 page instructions eBook.

Play Together!

We’ve included 2 building wrenches so that playmates or even Mommy and Daddy can have fun together creating wonderful engineering marvels and usable mechanical toys.

Children can learn problem solving, group socialization and sharing when they play with others.

Life Long Learning

Kids exposed to educational concepts at an early age do better in school, college and in the workforce.

Your kids won’t even know they’re learning and gaining valuable STEM skills and problem solving abilities…all they know is they’re having a blast making and creating new construction projects they can build and disassemble time and again.

Easy to Clean

Our plastic parts are BPA free, lead free and phthalates safe. They can be washed with mild soap or a disinfecting cloth for optimum cleanliness.

Everything comes included in a sturdy plastic container for effortless organization and fast clean up in between projects.

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CamLabs Camera Lens Coffee Mug – 2 LIDS + GIFT BAG, Stainless Steel Thermos, Sealed CLEAR Canon Lens Replica & Retractable Lids, Photographer Camera Mug, Travel Coffee Cup, Gift Mugs for Men, Women

camera lens coffee mug 1 camera lens coffee mug 2

  • ✅ COMES WITH NON-SPILL AND CLEAR LENS LIDS + GIFT BAG – Enjoy your coffee or any other beverage while on the go with this camera lens coffee mug equipped with a leak-proof screw-on lid for convenient sipping. It also comes with a realistic DSLR lens lid and a gift bag for safekeeping.
  • ✅ EXCEPTIONAL INSULATION FEATURE KEEPS DRINKS HOT FOR LONG – Too busy to sip your coffee? This thermos coffee travel mug will keep it hot for you with its insulated stainless-steel interior while the ABS plastic keeps the mug cool for easy handling.
  • ✅ NOVELTY DESIGN: EXACT CANON REPLICA – Sip your morning brew with style by using the replica of Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM Lens as a mug! Any camera enthusiasts would surely enjoy the fine details of this camera mug that comes with a realistic transparent DSLR lens lid.
  • ✅ BEST GIFT FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS – If you’re looking for a gift for a photographer, this camera lens mug is perfect for you! Surprise your loved ones with a novel gift made from the finest materials: a 13.5 oz coffee mug made from high-grade PVC that looks like a real Canon camera lens.
  • ✅ MULTI-PURPOSE – This stylish camera lens mug is incredibly versatile. Aside from holding beverages, it is also ideal for holding pens and coins.

Your Daily Dose of Caffeine Is Best Enjoyed in A Camera Lens Mug

Keep up with the hustle and bustle of the morning rush with a cup of energizing beverage in hand. With this camera coffee travel mug, your beverage stays safe inside your cup – all thanks to its sippable lid that is greatly convenient and functional, especially for coffee lovers who are always on the go.

Things you’ll love about this camera coffee travel mug:

  • It is the exact replica of Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM Lens.
  • It is made from premium food-grade stainless steel interior and high-quality ABS plastic exterior with a rubberized no-slip grip.
  • It is equipped with exceptional insulation so hot drinks stay hot and cold drinks stay cold for a long period of time.
  • Perfect for travel as it comes with two screw-tight lids: a sippable tumbler lid for easy sipping and a DSLR clear lens lid for a stylish and realistic look.
  • The camera mug also comes with a free gift bag for easy storage and safekeeping.
  • It has capacity of 13.5 oz without the lid and about 11 oz when the lid is attached.
  • Every photographer and camera enthusiasts will surely admire this work of art, so it is a perfect gift for any occasion.
  • It is so versatile that it is also ideal as a creative pen holder or even a vase!

Owning a Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM Lens does not always need to be expensive. With this camera lens travel coffee mug, you or your loved ones can now enjoy any beverage like a professional photographer. Grab one of these novel camera mugs by Clicking HERE now!